About Us

About Edison Academy

Edison Academy started about 4 years ago, and is a registered company specializing in teaching kids with learning disabilities.

We specialize in teaching kids that is struggling in mainstream schools. Myself and my personnel are qualified teachers with more than enough experience to handle most of the problems that learners face these days.

We are situated in Skeerpoort on an Equestrian estate, the perfect environment for learners that has Dyslexia, ADHD, Reading and/or writing disabilities, etc. Edison Academy is operating for the last 3 years with a lot of success regarding giving learners, of different ages, a chance at further studies.

We have smaller classes that means that each learner gets the attention he/she needs and deserves. After we have assessed the child and assist the parent/s in what we think is best, parents are involved in choosing the curriculum for their child. At Edison Academy we also have extra Activities for the learners. These activities include Horse-riding, Cross-fit, Swimming, Lego, Woodwork, Cooking, etc. We strive to learn the child not only academics but giving him/her a few extra tools for their lives ahead. Learners learn to do daily chores such as washing dishes, cleaning the classroom, gardening, etc.

“The Academy” aims to provide holistic education taking the learners’ needs and possible barriers into account and providing each learner with individual attention and hands on approach from the teacher. While identifying and building on the strengths of each learner, “The Academy” will also assist to improve on weaknesses.
“The Academy” will provide a secure and happy environment enabling learners to have a positive educational experience with confidence to grow and learn.